The M-K-D Foundation, educational programs are geared towards improving the academic performance and access to education. We employ various programs at various levels of education in Ghana to achieve our goals:

Our Educational programs include:

  • Gibeon Educational Project

  • Exploring the World Project


Gibeon Educational Project

The Gibeon Educational Project (GEP), developed for Junior High School (JHS) students, focuses on final year students in Junior High Schools who are preparing to take their Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE). The project seeks to help the students in preparing for their exams through the following resources:

1. Spiritual and motivational guidance.
2. Provision of all necessary exam materials.
3. Identifying weaknesses and correcting them.
4. Clarifying exam content to students.
5. Coaching students on successful exam techniques. 


The single goal of the Gibeon Educational Project (GEP) is to improve the results of BECE candidates to enhance their chances of getting into Senior High Schools (SHS).



Travel the World Project


The project was developed and initiated by Dinah (A National Service Personnel) assigned to the Tokpo R/C basic school in the Shia Osuduku District to show the pupils there is more to life than what they see in the village and to stir them up to aspire for greatness. The foundation collaborated to generate part of the funds for the project.  The Exploring the world project enabled Dinah to take the students to the following:


1. Ghana Air Force Base

2. The Kwame Nkrumah Museum

3. Other noted places in Accra the capital of Ghana.

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