The Gibeon Project 2019

The Gibeon Educational Project (GEP), developed for Junior High School (JHS) students, focuses on final year students in Junior High Schools who are preparing to take their Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE). The project seeks to help the students in preparing for their exams through the following resources:

1. Provide students with information regarding rules & regulations they need to adhere to during the exam period. 

2. Provide students with pointers on how to properly answer exams questions. 

3. Provide students with the required resources for their exams like pens, pencils, erasers & mathsets to reduce the time students spend in trying to acquire such resources.

4. Provide students with spiritual resources (churches & pastors) to prepare them spiritually for their exams. 
The single goal of the Gibeon Educational Project (GEP) is to improve the results of BECE candidates to enhance their chances of getting into Senior High Schools (SHS).



Let each of us give as he purposes in heart....” 2 Corinthians 9:7

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