The M-K-D Foundation, healthcare programs are geared towards improving access to healthcare and the quality of care. We employ various programs to provide healthcare to various groups in Ghana to achieve our goals:

Our Healthcare programs include:

  • Tabitha Healthcare & Evangelism Project


Tabitha Healthcare & Evangelism Project


The Tabitha Healthcare & Evangelism Project (THEP) was designed specifically to support healthcare, provides institutions and professionals to provide quality care to the sick. The project is a blend or combination of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20) and the values employed by Dorcas (Tabitha) of Joppa (Acts 9:36). The two, the Great Commission and the works of Dorcas in helping the needy, are missing values in the church and the world today.


THEP seeks to bring back these values to improve the cause of humans. THEP utilizes the following mechanisms to achieve its goals:


1. Spiritual and motivational support for the sick and healthcare providers and professionals.

2. Provision of all necessary materials to improve the delivery and quality of healthcare to patients by healthcare facilities and professionals.

3. Identifying institutional and individual challenges and seeking efficient and effective ways to address these problems.

4. Provide a platform to bring together different stakeholders in the healthcare sector to address the challenges and problems of the sector. 

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