• Michael K. Dzordzormenyoh

Characteristics of Vision and Purpose (Force of Self-Discipline)

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

A: All Visions & Purposes Must Be Tested

All true visions will be tested by life for authenticity. Challenges therefore, do not come to stop our visions and purposes, they come to prove, validate or de-validate it. Any vision that fails because of challenges is not authentic enough and true in nature. Nelson Mandela, in his vision and purpose to destroy apartheid in South Africa was tested by going to prison for the vision and purpose. Nkrumah’s vision for Ghana’s independence was tested with diverse challenge. Both, Mandela and Nkrumah did not give up on the vision because they had challenges. We are too quick to think because we have a vision we are exempted from challenges. We must change our mentality about the challenges we are facing regarding our visions and purposes. The challenges are there to only strengthen the vision and not to kill it (Habakkuk 2:3).

“……if it delays, wait for it, it will surely come, it will not delay.” Habakkuk 2:3 (MEV).

“Challenges are not necessarily against your vision and purpose. They are to grow the vision and purpose. It is your mentality of challenges that is making them to work against you.”

B: Visions & Purposes Are Not Always Monumental Tasks & Achievements

Vision is writing your part of history that cannot be erased. Vision must not be a massive and great achievement but it can be little things. The lady who rubbed the oil on Jesus’ feet, was remembered in history for the little she did (John 12:3; Luke 7:38). Dorcas was much valued and she made history by taking care of the needy and poor in her own little way (Acts 9:36-43).

C: Every Vision Speaks at the End Not Now or in the Future

We often think that our visions and purposes must speak in the present or the near future. We are told that our visions and purposes are expressed at the end. It is when we are done with our journey that our visions and purposes will have full expression. For example, a sick person on medication needs to complete the medication course prescribed to determine if he is healed or not. Pre-mature diagnosis, while the person is still taking the medication, can complicate the health condition being treated.

The Prophet Habakkuk stated this clearly:

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but it speaks of the end, and does not lie.” Habakkuk 2:3 (MEV)

Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for Civil Rights in America, died and did not witness what he fought for but his vision of a world of justice still echoes all over the world; not just in America…... “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” The vision and purpose he had then is now speaking even in his absence.

D: Others

1. Visions and purposes happen in phases.

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