The M-K-D Foundation, youth leadership, and mentoring programs are geared towards mentoring the youth in their career paths and to give them leadership skills to prepare them as future leaders. We employ various programs to achieve these goals:

Our Youth Leadership & Mentoring programs include:

  • Leadership & Life Skills Empowerment & Mentorship Camp (LLEMC)


Leadership & Life Skills Empowerment & Mentorship Camp

The M-K-D Foundation understands that laying a foundation for a lifetime of service is crucial to the condition of our communities and our nation. Through LLEMC we hope to inspire, guide, and empower children and youth to gain a sense of self-confidence, strength, and courage to overcome, triumph and conquer whatever life presents and training them to be future leaders in Christ.

  • Students will discover their potential and acquire the skills, confidence, and motivation to make things happen and bring about change.

  • Students will undergo interactive workshops, energetic activities, and life-changing challenges specifically aimed to inspire and allow each student to unearth their unique skills, develop greater self-confidence and master tactics for success.

  • LLEMC will host two, two weeks back to back summer camp sessions with 50 students each.

  • The first session will be for students aged 10-14 years and the second session will be for students aged 14-19.


Enrollment will begin January 2020

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